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With Summer Time Pools LLC, you can expect specialized services from an impeccable, experienced swimming pool contractor. Don’t hesitate to get the swimming pool of your dreams – not when that’s so simple and easy because you have us by your side. Cool your days down with a crystal clear swimming pool in Albuquerque, NM!


Our Services

Indoor Swimming Pools

Indoor Swimming Pools

You might think your indoor pool is safe from dirt and damage just because it’s inside, but it’s all the same. It can still be damaged and need repairs, maintenance, and thorough cleaning, and we’re offering to do all of it!
Outdoor Swimming Pools

Outdoor Swimming Pools

If your indoor pool is impeccable – shouldn’t the same apply to your outdoor one? You might not be so keen on inviting people over if it’s not so clean or breaking down. But if we take care of it – it will be in flawless condition!
Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Are you prepared to maintain your pool at all times to maintain its overall appearance, condition, and cleanliness? You don’t have to be because we offer the ideal residential pool maintenance and work impeccably!
Swimming Pool Repairs

Swimming Pool Repairs

When professionals address your swimming pool repair – you’re guaranteed a long-lasting effect. We’re the kind of experts who have worked hard to refine our repair skills and want to assure you of the top-rate quality we provide!
Swimming Pool Cleaning

Swimming Pool Cleaning

If you own a swimming pool, you probably don’t want to enjoy a swim when it’s filthy. But you probably also don’t want to do all the cleaning yourself every day. Why don’t we offer to take over the entire cleaning process for you?

Have a Gorgeous Swimming Pool 

You can’t sit outside and enjoy the day by a pool that’s overwhelmingly damaged, breaking up, filthy, and unkempt – could you? People who own a pool at their homes probably know well enough that that’s not the way to enjoy a relaxing day at the pool, and they also know how much work it takes to keep up its appearance and overall condition. And those people know that pool repair companies and general contractors are ideal to hire to keep the pool impeccable at all times!

Trust Our Keen Eye

We’ve always had a keen eye for detail, no matter which service we provide. When people ask us to clean their pool – we do it! We make it immaculate! When we get hired for our repair services – we repair with passion and precision, leaving no damaged inch behind. And if someone asks for our maintenance service -no problem! We leave nothing to chance because we want every customer who has chosen to trust us to get the dream people they always wanted!

More Areas We Serve

We can’t depend on one area to boost our reputation or spread the word that we’re the impeccable contractors you need – we have to expand if we want to feel the effect of countless praise from customers. That’s what we went and did because we needed more people to enjoy our spectacular services and get the pool they wanted – clean, maintained, and lacking damage!

  • Barelas, NM
  • Five Points, NM
  • South Valley, NM
  • Silver Hill, NM
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Huning Highlands, NM
  • Wells Park, NM

Call Summer Time Pools LLC and enjoy our reputable swimming pool maintenance services, along with all the rest. Our mission is to make sure your swimming pool is exceptional for those hot, lazy days, and whether you want constant maintenance, cleaning, or repairs – our contractors will come right along to your address in the Albuquerque, NM area and provide the work for you!

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Client Testimonials
by Penelope Lopez on Summer Time Pools LLC
A Leader Among Pool Repair Companies!

I felt more than grateful I could hire such a leader among pool repair companies. I have no words - my pool is fabulous - that's all I can say. And it pretty much sums up everything about these guys. They were refined, educated, and well-trained to find damage and repair it seamlessly.

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  • Indoor Swimming Pool Services
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool Services
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance
  • Swimming Pool Repairs
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning